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Kyosho Marine Engine Gs15mr

₹ 9,292.00

Kyosho Gs15mr Engine



Hear the captivating sound of engine's exhaust. Kyosho's original SP inboard/outdrive system produces both stability and sharp response during high speeds and turning.
With a hull almost 1 meter long, the GP Bluestreak produces dynamic high speed and turning performance as well wave resistance.
The GP Blue streak’s new power source is the water-cooled GS15-MR engine fitted with recoil starter. 
Improved durability and running performance are also due to the use of stainless steel bolts and the modified hull design.

Equipped with the GS15-MR water-cooled engine fitted with recoil starter.
Modified lower hull shape broadens speed range and reduces bow pitching. It also maximizes the benefits of the deep-V's special characteristics.
Bolts have changed to stainless steel from steel to prevent corrosion.
The upper and lower sections of the ABS hull are glued at the factory. Only a short time need for completion.
Floating engine mount with cowling delivers reduced vibration and noise, and also prevents oil spilling inside the hull.
SP inbound/outdrive system produces stability in high speed turning.
Teflon coated metal stern tube dramatically reduces power loss through the drive system.
290cc fuel tank and 15-engine combine to produce extended run times. Ideal for endurance racing









Product no.:KY74215



Manufacturer: Kyosho