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Hiller 480 Nitro RTF Heli

₹ 59,756.00

Hiller introduces the first 450 - 480 size nitro heli kit. This DFC (Direct Flight Control) nitro heli is born for insane 3D. 
CNC precission machning reeks in this machine and all the metal parts are designed to take the stress and the strain of nitro engine. The frame is made of 3K Carbon Fiber and is designed to take up a fuel tank right under the CG of the heli for stability. The screws are made of hardened metal and do not strip off easily and take the vibrations of this nitro heli easily
The DFC head is designed to easily get more than 14 degrees of positive and negative collective making this a 3d beast in its class. The cyclic pitch can be easily tuned to more than 10 degrees if needed. The 2.7cc nitro engine is perfect and delivers more than enough power for any 3D heli freak.
The throttle servo is conveniently placed at the font side of the frame with easy access to any minor manual adjustments if needed on the throttle management. The heli comes with a beautiful spray painted FG canopy.

This heli comes completely in assembled kit format but do not forget to locate / retainer 242 on all metal or metal contact parts.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and have the heart and passion to take up nitro flying at a low cost then this is the one for you

• Length:460mm
• Width:160mm
• Height:100mm
• Weight:1600g
• Blades 360mm - Carbon Fiber balanced blades
• NiMh battery set
• Nitro engine
• Spray painted high strength Fiber Glass Canopy
• 4nos x 9gms digital metal gear
• Tail servos:1 nosx 25gms high speed digital metal gear
• Throttle servo:9gms analog metal gear

Fly Sky Radio

Flybarless unit :Avioniv X5 FBL unit

Required but not included

• Ignitor
• Starter 
• Fuel - 15% to 20% nitro